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Sculpted Arm Workout Only Takes Three Days Per Week to Change Your Life


Are you tired of always feeling uncomfortable when your wearing a jersey or a sleeveless tee?  I used to feel the same way. Long sleeves in the summer can only stay in style for so long before it gets old and conspicuous. Instead of hiding your arms learn a 3 day a week work out that can change the way you feel about your biceps. This workout will take less than 3 hours per week but will make all the difference in how you feel and present yourself. Introducing the 2K3 program.

Do you avoid going to the gym because you hate the idea of looking like a fool lifting heavy weights? Does the soreness and pain of the work out prevent you from ever coming back for more? Will with our workout you don’t need to life heavy weights you just need to make sure you carry a heavy heart instead. Believe it or not but with a well organized cardio workout you can benefit from many of the same effects from the body builders in the gym. This is a program created by Craig Ballantype a licensed Toughness & Conditioning Specialist. Craig is a writer and contributor for Men’s Health & fitness as well as oxygen publications.

One of Craig’s best success stories is of a woman named Ally that was not a fan of heavy weight lifting or monotonous cardio workouts. Accustomed to “slow and steady” cardio workouts she was apprehensive about the idea of taking on a high intensity cardio program with resistance. Once she got into the swing of things however her stamina improved dramatically as well as the overall tone shape and physique of her arms. She went from struggling with 5 pound weights to pressing 35-pound dumbness.

With a simple yet extremely effective three set 45-minute workout plan you will effectively benefit from body weight and dumbbell workouts that will train your body to burn fact and create a toned and lean physique. These workouts are not easy but are 100% reliable in changing the way you look and feel about your body. If you are interested in quickly seeing a tangible transformation in your body then we suggest that you give the Turbulence Training 2K3 workout a try, your body will never be the same. We guarantee it.


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