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Remove the Threat of Developing Wrinkles with 5 Proven Steps


There are two things people notice most when looking at a person. Their skin and their smile. Inevitably there is no beating father time and eventually wrinkles will appear for even the most youthful of individuals. While there are plenty of highly expensive creams designed to remove these natural age defining aliments we have compiled a list of five natural sure fire ways to look younger and feel better throughout the process.

1. Aloe Vera- this is another natural remedy that improve collagen which is a basic property to smooth skin. As you age your body’s ability to produce this natural property decreases exponentially which is why it is important to not use aloe vera as a topical solution but to also take it orally.

2. Pine Bark Solution- oxygen in a very important natural ingredient that is vital in the development of healthy skin. What better way to improve the oxygen flow in your blood stream than to leverage the extract of the creators of the element itself?  Use this highly concentrated solution to optimize the tone of your skin as well as your pigmentation in the face.

3. Avoid Polysaturated fat- having a well balanced diet is paramount to any individual that wants to be healthy. Studies have shown that women that eat monosaturated fats are more likely to have firmer toned skin that women that do not. A great source of these natural basic fats are in foods like butter, eggs olive oil and yogurt.

4. Red ginseng- studies have shown that women that consume this highly concentrated extract are known to have a stronger immune system and collagen synthesis properties. Remember, your skin is the largest organ in the body so anything that improves your immune system will thusly optimize the health and effective properties of cellular skin synthesis. 

5. Stop smoking- Let’s face it. If you want to live a healthy life the first thing you need to do is stop smoking for good. Cigarettes are filled with harmful chemicals that pollute that body. It dulls the tone of your skin and makes it less elastic. In general smoking will reduce the amount of oxygen flow in the body and cause dehydration which are two things you want to avoid if your looking to develop natural healthy looking skin.

This may not be the most comprehensive A to Z list on how to develop healthy natural skin but if followed correctly will serve as a solid foundation for how you must begin to structure your life. If you are interested in learning more about how you can naturally create happy healthy skin make sure to read about what I have learned in my next article.


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