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How To Look Younger While You Sleep


It is often cited that diet and exercise are important components to improving skin quality. But the truth is there are much easier cost effective methods to optimize your skin quality, use these six tips to make your neighbors jealous and the dermatologist on the back burner for a couple months.

1. “The Magic Mist Effect”

A big reason why people suffer from “bad skin” is due to dryness which can cause wrinkles. A great way to combat this is using an automated “misting effect” targeted at your face with some clean water. This will moisturizer your face and make you look much younger over time.

2. Maximize the time you sleep

This is one of the most under rated ways to improve the health of your skin and your entire body. Second to oxygen and water sleep is one of the most vital things your body can experience. Without sleep naturally stress chemicals are released into your body accelerating wrinkles and aging effects.

3. Wash your face

This is obvious but for some reason many people fail to make this common practice in their daily rituals. NEVER SLEEP with makeup on. Washing with your hands is effective but to get a truly deep scrub you want to use a clean face towel. Make sure that you take special attention to both your nose and your eye lips, your nose is a source of grease build up your eyes are obviously sources of the most make up. If you can, wash your face three times a day it may seem excessive at times but you will thank yourself in the long run.

4. Apply Additional moisturizers

A key ingredient to healthy skin according to top dermatologists is hyaluronic acid. Once you wash your face with clean water make sure to apply this to your skin with a clean face towel or cotton swab. It will not only add additional moisture to your skin which is vital to improving your image it also with add additional brightness and tone.

5. Monitor what put in your body

Not all cosmetic treatments are the same. It is important to use creams and ointments that have plenty of Vitamin’s K E, & D. You want the blood that is flowing through your face to have plenty of oxygen, through natural equilibrium of your body new blood will flow through your face causing healthy and youthful cell development.

6. Lay off the Alcohol

We get it have that after dinner wine is relaxing but if you are truly looking to optimize your skin and more importantly your health your better off cutting it out of your diet. You have to realize that alcohol is the most toxic chemical to the human body and it is also very dehydrating. Anything that causes dehydration to your body is a harm to your skin’s health.


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