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18 Skincare Facts You Wish You Knew a Year Ago


Are you tired of feeling stressed about extremely expensive plastic surgery and you’re just dying to look for a viable alternative to add a new sense of vibrancy and youthfulness to your face, body and spirit? If that’s you read the follow top facts and secrets, you don’t know about improving your skincare.

1. Shampoo for the Face?

Remember the fundamental purpose of dandruff. To moisturize the scalp. Very few realize that this same moisturize can be used to optimize your face.

2. Optimizing Eye Lashes and Chapped Lips

Chapped eyes and lips are simply the product of dried skin. Combat this unsightly natural occurrence with petroleum jelly or Vaseline on a tooth brush that has soft bristles to wipe away the unsightly dead skin.

3. Srub with Black African Soap

What may look like clumps of dirt to you is actually a powerful exfoliating solution designed to wipe your dirty pores clean from any and all impurities.

4. Rub Bronzer into your extremities.

Do you feel pale and unhealthy? Make sure to rub liquid bronzer into your skin so you feel beach body ready with or without the beach.

5. Magic Milk

Did you know that buy warming milk for ten seconds you have actually created a natural cleaning agent that will remove unsightly build ups within your pores?

6. Hair Conditioners = Smooth Legs?

Make shaving easier and more effective by applying hair conditioners on your legs to remove unsightly stubble.

7. Manage your Crème De La Mer Usage

This is a very expensive product so you want to monitor how much you use it when you are on a budget. Use it as a brow conditioner and eye cream where wrinkles are more likely to occur rather than covering your entire face with the product.

8. Anti- Crows Feet

Sure rubbing expensive serums all over your eyes works fine but this is also expensive and unsustainable. To prevent the negative effects of the sun make sure to wear sunglasses when possible to prevent this negative cosmetic occurrence. 

9. A Spoon full of Sugar

Instead of using expensive facial or body scrubs try using some brown sugar in olive oil to develop a natural solution for your acne build ups.

10. A Lip Balm you can Trust

Another great way to remove the negative side affects of chapped lips is through the daily application of Lanolin Nipple cream.

11. Boost your Skin to Improve Your Looks

Remove the dull surfaces of your face with at home peel which will naturally improve the quality of your skin.

12. Repetition is key

In some instances, applying ointment or healing lotion is not enough once per day. Very often it is important to apply these healing serums every 2-4 hours to maximize your blood cycles to your face.

13. Put your Pillow Case on a scheduled rotation

Very few recognize the negative effects of laying down on the same pillow case time and time again. It is important to change your case 2-3 times per month to avoid the natural build up that will occur when you sleep on dirty sheets.

14. Specialized Eye Cream

The skin under your eyes are highly sensitive and absorb vitamins and nutrients quickly. It is important to use specialized creams designed for your eyes if you want to maximize the effects.

15. LED Lighting

It has been proven by dermatologist around the world that LED devices are an effective way to brighten and tighten the tone of your skin.

16. Exfoliation

Go to a local corner store and purchase a microfiber washcloth to remove dead skin cells from your face.

17. Laser treatment

If your looking for the best laser treatment that money can buy your best off using Tria and Flash n’ Go.


It is important to remember that a pimple is an injection or “injury” of the face. Once of the fastest ways to reduce the inflammation of any injury is to apply ice to reduce the blood flow and redness in the area.


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