American is considered one of the richest and most powerful nations on earth. American foods such as burgers, fries, hotdogs and pizza have been duplicated and immolated all across the world. Beyond the typical burger and fired however is a deep rooted culture of recipes you probably are not familiar with, many fail to realize how big the United States is and how diverse the history of cultures are within the great nation. In this article we are going to discuss 10 unique local recipes you probably have never heard tried.

Garbage plate- Rochester, New York City:  once again if your looking to watch your figure your best off passing on this metropolitan delicacy. If you find yourself hung-over in the streets of New York hungry looking for a tasty bite to eat then give this a shot. A Mishmash of cheeseburgers, hotdogs, French fries. Macaroni salad all smothered with mustard, onions and very hot sauce. Talk about a heart attack in a New York minute!

Reindeer hotdog- Alaska: Sorry Santa Rudolph isn’t coming home tonight. This dish sounds strange but this is actually quite common in northern states in the country. Very similar to the Porky Pig version the Reindeer version has much less fat.

Food Drunk- New Orleans: If you are interested in Mardi Gras and eating a big plate of food that you will probably regret the next morning then we highly recommend this local dish from the Bayou. Imagine a normal cheese burger with a one of a kind makeover.

Powerful Mattress topper Beer- Vermont: One of the most highly sought after draft beers on in the United States the people of Vermont pride themselves on their dual India Pale Ale which is made with grapefruit and yearn.

Hemp milk latte- Washington: get that great morning mix with Hemp infused coffee. Leave the papers at home the shop has you covered.

Very hot beef Sundae- Iowa: if your interested in maintaining a low blood pressure then this one may not be the best for you. If your interested in taking a bite out of a dish that just keeps giving, then you will love this Midwestern dish of grilled beef covered in gravy and shredded cheese.

Frybread taco- Western US: the contents within these tacos are very similar to the Mexican style that you are probably accustomed to eating. Instead of corn chips and a taco shell however these are made with flour sugar and lard. Incredibly delicious but we advise avoiding if you are looking to manage your figure.

Hoagie dip- Philadelphia: this one of a kind topping contains all the ingredients of a tasty sandwich such as ham, turkey, cheese onions and olive oil and peppers and mixed into one. It makes a great serving dish with a freshly baked roll of bread.

Rocky Hilly Oysters- Western United States- interested in optimizing your husband fertility? Then send him over to the rocky mountain west to enjoy a deep fried bull testicle. It is known to have a tremendous impact on testosterone development.

Regional cuisine- Hawaii: The island of Hawaii is so unique that we realized it would be unjust to nail down on recipe or dish. So we thought we’d just do you a favor by encouraging to go on a visit to try out the local cuisine for yourself!


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